Symbol of 2018 – Yellow Dog

Very soon, the power of the Red Fire Rooster will pass to the Earth Dog. It symbolizes loyalty, devotion and generosity. As you know, a dog is a man's best friend. This animal is smart, reliable and friendly. All people, and especially those born this year, will be under the auspices of this sign. Many people try to please their relatives with cute things and buy dog figurines in various designs: all kinds of ceramic piggy banks and figurines of dogs. You can also buy dog figurines for your friends, which will become a symbol of strong friendship.

plush dog

What will the New Year bring?

With the advent of January 1, not only the symbol of 2018 will change, but also its element. The earth will rule the world. Its nature and essence is rather slow. But this is more of a plus than a minus, since the sequence will allow you to complete the work you have begun. In addition, you are waiting for changes in other areas of life:

  • Family values come to the fore and an aura of love and understanding will reign in the family.
  • Financially, prosperity awaits you. Do not be afraid to launch new projects – they will undoubtedly be successful!
  • Under the condition of perseverance and diligence, career growth awaits you. And the atmosphere in the team will become friendly and relations between colleagues will improve.
Ceramic piggy bank

The color symbol of 2018 is gold, mustard and various shades of yellow. If this color is present in your home, it will certainly attract peace and prosperity. A good option would be icons and paintings with amber , which are made of natural, sunny stone. Also, you can buy figurines of dogs and decorate your home with laconic accessories.

Looking for Christmas gifts for your loved ones?

Do not put this task on the back burner. You need to prepare in advance so that in the New Year's bustle you do not run in a hurry and do not forget about the most important thing – inner peace. If you don't have time to shop, we offer a great alternative! Our online store provides a huge range of high-quality souvenirs, among which you can buy dog figurines in the form of piggy banks, figurines and soft toys , the cost of which will certainly please you. In addition, figurines of dogs can be excellent decorative elements and will fit perfectly into the interior of any room. To place an order, it is enough to allocate just a couple of minutes, and our friendly managers will be happy to help you in choosing. We wish you peace of mind and a Happy New Year!