We want to warn about Internet scammers who use the name Grand Present to commit fraud on the Internet. If you saw this kind of announcement about a vacancy in Telegram or any other social networks, then be sure that these are scammers who are trying to steal money from you by deceit!

Olena Kvitenko Robot at home

Attention scammers! Work from home scam! Be careful!

Olena Kvitenko "Robota Vdoma. Request for a job in a company, like spіvpratsyuє z gift shop . Can pratsyuvati men and women …"

Attention scammers! Work from home scam! Be careful!
Attention scammers! Work from home scam! Be careful!

The Grand Present store has never had and does not have such a vacancy. We do not offer remote work from home. Moreover, we do not require any upfront payment for the work. By the way, we do not even sell such sets of gifts.

Be careful not to send money to scammers!

Such activity is a liability under the article " Shahraystvo (article 190 of the CC) ", and since "Grand Present" is a registered trademark, then it is also " Illegal use of a trademark (article 229 of the CC )"

Law enforcement agencies have been notified of this situation, but still, if you see a similar message in a job group, notify the group administrator about scammers and do not respond to tempting job vacancies. Judging by the numerous articles on Internet resources, such schemes are quite common on the Internet. Be careful, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Sincerely, Administration of the online store Grand Present