Choosing the right VIP gift is the same as flying into space. People can do it, but very few. Nevertheless, there are several recipes for choosing classic VIP gifts, following which you will make a gift to the person who has everything without unnecessary losses.

8347 – these are not flashy and catchy things, this is an elegant gift. Perhaps a thing that is simple in purpose, but extremely valuable in performance, quality, appearance.

VIP gifts must:

  • be moderately original, i.e., something that a person did not receive as a gift before;
  • be moderately useful, i.e. enter the sphere of interests;
  • to be remembered;
  • pleasant surprise;
  • make it clear that this person is remembered, treated well and even finds time to pick up and buy a suitable gift.

If you know that the person you are going to give a VIP gift to is a collector, then it is very easy to choose a gift for him – it will become an addition to the collection. But if it doesn’t smell like a hobby, then giving some gifts with the words: “Let them be the first in your collection” is still not worth it. What do rich men usually give? Sabers and other edged weapons. But how interesting and in demand is it? It's more of a stamp that for some unknown reason causes a stir, and is considered the best gift for a respectable man who actually, maybe, likes lighters with gemstone inserts. A noticeable VIP gift can be antique items or items stylized as antiques and of high quality. Antique-styled radios, radios, CD players – such gifts will not only be appreciated and useful, but will also constantly be in the center of everyone's attention. Some standard VIP gifts are always appreciated because they can be used even if they are given every year. For example, an expensive fountain pen or a stylish notebook 10696 in leather binding, you can add a keychain or a cigar knife, cufflinks or any elegant souvenir to it. Such a gift is both refined and noble. Usually it is intended for managers or work partners.

Combined VIP gifts are very good.

For example, flasks that perform, among other things, the functions of cigarette cases. For successful women, the gift should be very special. Not so long ago, a woman could only have capital if she got it from wealthy parents or a husband. Life is such that there are a lot of women in big business who own capital, so a VIP gift for them is a combination of high price and exceptional beauty (or, this item should serve to maintain female beauty). A VIP gift for a woman is a small gift, so you should pay attention to figurines, crystal, as well as antique paintings or engravings. Choose the best VIP gift and remember that the main thing is, of course, attention, but the right choice is no less important.