High-volume panorama EUROPE 120*88 cm 0268

Український виробник
Артикул: 0268
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  • Бренд : Testplay
  • Размер, см : 120*88
  • Страна производитель : Украина
  • Цвет : Цветной
  • Формат : Large
  • Высота рельефа : До 85 мм
  • Масштаб : 1:7380000

The high-volume panorama (3D map) of Europe successfully combines the classical projection with the realism of a globe, visually provides a panoramic effect when three-dimensional landscape elements are placed on it. The high level of performance, the reality of the landscape with a soft color scheme, information saturation, allow you to place a wall map in executive offices, offices and departments of companies, hotel lobbies, offices of travel companies and the hospitality industry, educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities), private interiors ( home library, hall, children's room). 3D maps are a unique product that incorporates the achievements of wall maps, office maps, relief maps and 3D paintings. The effect of visual perception of a real-dimensional landscape of countries and regions from a bird's eye view is unique – it brings the spirit of travel into the interiors of public spaces, a sense of living space and the harmony of nature. Landscapes of high-volume panoramas attract attention with their realism, originality and richness of the image. 3D maps are an ideal solution for interior designers. Testplay 3D cards are made of a special material that is not afraid of moisture and withstands temperature differences from -20°C to 45°C. Interior and decorative 3D wall maps (high-volume panoramas) of a new generation are produced with a relief landscape height of up to 95 mm. All Testplay high-volume panoramas are patented (Patent No 2032230) and are CE certified.

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