Трубка Медіум "Якір" 11060-01

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  • Brand : Гранд Презент
  • Size, cm : 15.5
  • Материал : Дерево
  • Страна производитель : Украина

Smoking pipe Medium "Anchor" – a pipe for men with a wooden insert (pear). Inlaid metal pipe (brass) and engraved anchor. The total length of the tube is 155 mm, the length of the mouthpiece is 70 mm. Great gift for a sailor. A compact medium-sized handset that fits easily into a pocket or bag, sure to appeal to anyone who loves big phones. How nice it is to walk on the deck of a sea ship, drink sweet smoke through the chimney, look at the horizon. Going on a well-deserved vacation, do not forget to take your phone with you: it will complement your image and attract the attention of the opposite sex! And if you want to choose a gift for your friend, this model is perfect. The noble pear wood and the acrylic mouthpiece blend beautifully on the outside, and the perfectly curved curves of the pipe make the tobacco taste even better. The structure of the tubes: a bowl with a tobacco chamber in which tobacco is poured. When smoking, the smoke passes through a special smoke channel, to which the mouthpiece belongs, and directly enters the mouthpiece. It is important to choose a pipe with a practical mouthpiece so that smoking is comfortable. There are tubes with a filter in which the filter is inserted into the chimney. The main purpose of the filter is to facilitate smoking by applying a portion of the resin to the filter. However, this also leads to additional costs for filter replacement. Pipes with a filter are more expensive. You can choose the model of your choice. An excellent gift for a chic and sophisticated gourmet. Present this original souvenir to your friend, relative.

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