Tube "Queen" 11016-1

Український виробник
Артикул: 11016-1
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  • Материал : Дерево
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 16.5
  • Страна производитель : Украина

The smoking pipe "Queen" is a high-quality wooden man's pipe. Material: pear, brass ring. The total length of the pipe is 165 mm, the length of the mouthpiece is 60 mm. Give this wonderful and original souvenir to your friend, loved one, boss. However, judging by the name of the pipe, it evokes associations with chess. In fact, looking at it, it looks like a leisurely game of chess with a glass of good whiskey and the fragrant tobacco aroma of a slow-burning pipe. This model is likely to attract attention with its simplicity and brevity of forms. The king pipe is interesting for its cup shape, which flows evenly into the bowl with a rather wide smoke channel at the crossroads. This indicates an excellent smoke flow, so be prepared to smell the elegant bouquet of tobacco flavors from the first minutes. The main material is pear, which is considered a neutral wood. The principle of smoking is quite simple: first comes the bowl with the tobacco chamber, where the tobacco is clogged. During smoking, the smoke passes through a special smoke channel, of which the mouthpiece is a part, and enters directly into the mouthpiece. It is important to choose a pipe with a comfortable mouthpiece so that smoking is a pleasure. There are also smoking pipes with a filter in which it is inserted into the chimney. The main purpose of the filter is to facilitate smoking by depositing some of the resin on the filter, but this also results in additional filter replacement costs. Bowl height 53 mm. Depth 40 mm. The inner diameter of the bowl is 17 mm. The outer diameter of the bowl is 34 mm.

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2 лет назад

Дуже задоволенні замовленням, якість відмінна) Дякуємо!)

2 лет назад
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Раді що Вам сподобалась трубка. Звертайтесь ще!

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Tube "Queen" 11016-1

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