Pipe "Fairy tale" Steering wheel with flag 11068S09

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  • Brand : Гранд Презент

Smoking pipe "Fairy Tale" The steering wheel with the flag is made of pear, the ring is made of duralumin. The total length of the tube is 155 mm, the length of the mouthpiece is 70 mm. Filter – 9 mm or built-in filter-cooler. This is one of the first of the least harmful ways to use tobacco. The arrangement of pipes is simple – a bowl with a tobacco chamber where tobacco is poured. During smoking, the smoke passes through a special smoke channel, of which the mouthpiece is a part, and enters directly into the mouthpiece. Choose a pipe with a comfortable mouthpiece for a pleasant smoking experience. You can choose from different models. A great gift for an interesting man. Give this original souvenir to your friend, father or boss. The steering wheel and the flag fluttering in the wind simply attract you to distant wanderings, to adventures. Just get an elegant attribute of a sailor, say, a pipe, and you are already in the ranks of the sailors. Craftsmen hand-painted the image on a natural pear bowl, which makes this product even better, because handicraft has always been appreciated. The brass ring that connects the wooden wig and the acrylic tip adds elegance, sophistication, a certain strength to the appearance of the tube.

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