Трубка "Казка" Лев на сітці 11068S15

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  • Brand : Гранд Презент

There is always a favorite pipe for real tobacco lovers. This is one of the first and least harmful ways to use tobacco. Our site has collected several models and shapes of pipes. A great gift for a chic and interesting man. Give this wonderful and original souvenir to your colleague, friend, boss or brother. When choosing a gift for a loved one or colleague, many of us consider it the most original and at the same time strive to buy a truly useful gift. Undoubtedly, the gift itself is not important, but the attention to be paid to the choice of presentation. To save time and personal efforts, we offer a ready-made gift option – a grilled lion's trumpet. The pipe is made of high quality fruit wood, namely pears. The mouthpiece is made of acrylic so it will never get too hot to burn the smoker's lips. Feeling the whole range of quality tobacco flavors, in addition to enjoying the work of a master, is quite simple – just place an order! The length of the tube is 155 mm. Nozzle length 70 mm. Tube material. Filter for filter 9 mm.

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Якість відмінна, дужe сподобалася. Приємно що у нас майстри роблять такі гарні рeчі.

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