Souvenir weapon British infantry saber 46 cm 8850

Артикул: 8850
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  • Материал : Сталь 20
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 46
  • Страна производитель : Китай
  • Твердость стали : 20 HRC

A souvenir weapon is a truly masculine gift if all the options have already been tried, so a souvenir saber on a wooden stand is a nice birthday (or anniversary) gift. Many men especially enjoy collecting weapons and/or armor. A souvenir saber is the thing that will complement your weapon collection. For example, designers suggest using souvenir edged weapons as a decorative element for the office. After all, a souvenir sword on the wall is a symbol of the mind and obligations entrusted to a person. At the same time, there is a demand from collectors for a souvenir saber, which is sometimes an unmistakable copy of a historical prototype. Cold souvenir weapons can often be seen indoors, most often in cafes and restaurants stylized in the spirit of the Middle Ages. Of course, such an entourage adds color to the atmosphere of the institution.

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