Christmas i-110 15 * 20

Артикул: 15*20
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  • Материал : Янтарь
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 15*20

A similar icon, handmade from amber, is needed by everyone who wants to found a strong, loving, blissful family. It strengthens relationships among household members, warns of conflicts, betrayals, strife, revives old feelings and orients to determine a common language. They overshadow those who marry, and newborns and young parents. In addition, the face protects those who were prejudicedly accused, slandered, imprisoned, contributes to the quick distribution of debts and the improvement of the economic situation. The image of the "Holy Family" helps to get married safely, to acquire love and understanding in the union, inspires children, protects all household members from quarrels, clashes and strife. That is why such an icon, protecting the estate and the family, must certainly be in the house, moreover, it is made of natural amber! The brilliance of priceless pebbles gives the display a unique tone and rich color range.

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1 год назад

Гарний подарунок, особливо на новорічні свята. Хочу подарувати хрeщeній на Різдво. Замовила завчасно, щоб спeршу самій оцінити. Сподобалась, гарно виконана, всі камінчики добрe тримаються.

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Christmas i-110 15 * 20

SKU: 15*20
842 грн.