Candlestick with handle "Stone heart" gray concrete h15cm 1004636

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  • Brand : Bolt
  • Height, cm : 15
  • Материал : Бетон
  • Страна производитель : Евросоюз
  • Цвет : Серый
  • Диаметр, см : 18

Candles now play an important role in almost every interior. After all, they are able to create an atmosphere of romance, peace and comfort. Most often, they require a candlestick to create a special style. Yes, and in order to prevent melted wax from getting on the furniture. Candlestick Stone Heart is made of gray concrete. Attached metal handle for comfortable movement. Through holes are carved on the side surfaces, in the form of hearts. In a dark room, it will give the impression that a fiery heart is shining. It is convenient and practical to use. The strength of the texture guarantees a long service life.

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1 год назад

Красивый, стильный, но действительно тяжелый.

7 месяцев назад

Задоволена цим підсвічником, досить гарно вписався в інтeр’єр. Поки що приховала, подарую чоловіку на Дeнь Св Валeнтина, будe якраз в тeму.

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