Switchblade knife 200 mm 9054

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  • Материал : Сталь 440C
  • Бренд : Grand Way
  • Общая длина, см : 20
  • Материал рукоятки : Металл, пластик

Switchblade knife 200mm 9054 is a rather interesting model with a memorable design, an interesting blade and a number of decorative and functional elements that absolutely do not interfere with convenience and functionality. Steel 440 C, from which the blade of this switch is made, is the best option in terms of the combination of its qualities. It has proven its durability, is not afraid of water and corrosion. The handle is a combination of metal and plastic, practical and comfortable for everyday use (EDC).

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Switchblade knife 200 mm 9054

SKU: 9054
306 грн.