Folding knife 190 mm 01721

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  • Brand : Grand Way
  • Материал : Сталь 420
  • Материал рукоятки : Алюминий
  • Общая длина, см : 19

A compact classic knife with a 420 steel blade. 420 steel is a waste of stainless steel from the household segment. The relatively low carbon content makes this steel tough and extremely resistant to corrosion. The low carbon content also has a positive effect on strength: such steel is less brittle. Perhaps the blades of such knives become dull a little faster than those of more expensive brands, but they also grind very easily and literally on everything: hones, whetstones and even V-shaped sharpeners effortlessly bring a dull knife into combat shape without difficulty, and the hardness sufficient Abundance for household tasks. Balanced and thoughtful design. The handle of a simple and at the same time ergonomic shape with a developed center of gravity is lined with aluminum alloy. Durable shafts are applied to the pads to ensure a secure hold. Designed stops and notches provide a secure trigger and safe knife handling. The handle itself is made of steel sheet with screws, flat shape and equipped with a detachable steel clip for easy use. The clip sits high and folds up to fit the knife completely into your pocket without drawing too much attention. A small, neat blade with a spear-shaped tip, perfect for any job around the house. The knife opens with one hand for special double-sided pins and is locked in the open position with the insert lock. The lock is well developed in production and has established itself as a simple, reliable and unpretentious mechanism. Very attentive compact knife. Lightweight, compact, comfortable and inconspicuous.

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Folding knife 190 mm 01721

SKU: 01721
240 грн.