Folding knife 205 mm 6684 BCFT

Артикул: 6684 BCFT
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  • Материал : Сталь 440C
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Общая длина, см : 20.5

The 6684 BCFT folding knife with all-metal construction combines reliability and practicality. In addition, the knife is a good example of a discreet, stylish design: a reliable gentleman in a modern technological style. Its size makes it handy for everyday use, clipped to your pocket, and fits in your car's glove box or backpack if you need a utility knife. The blade of this folding knife is made of 440C stainless steel, 90 millimeters long, with a hardness of 57-58 HRC. Significant thickness in the butt – 2.8 mm, relieves the user of fears of damage and lack of reliability. The overall concept – design and practicality converge in another parameter: the coating of the knife. Its dark gray coating protects the blade from negative environmental influences, the nuances of heavy use and gets rid of unwanted marks – after cutting food or picking it up, as well as eliminating glare in the sun and simply providing a stylish look. Additional design elements – sophisticated thoughtful cutouts, a double-sided handle, a clip, cutouts and a strap hole – a great model for every day.

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Folding knife 205 mm 6684 BCFT

SKU: 6684 BCFT
280 грн.