Folding knife 195 mm E-25

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  • Brand : Grand Way
  • Материал : Сталь 440А
  • Материал рукоятки : Кап березы, металл
  • Общая длина, см : 19.5

A powerful knife, to understand this, just take the knife in your hand. Thick steel coatings, a reinforced axial screw, thicker spacers, a block-shaped frame in the form of a block will allow you to somehow expand the range of tasks solved by such a knife. Knife blade made of 440 A steel, a medium carbon martensitic steel. Of course, this steel is a little softer than 440C, but it also has its own advantages, such as the ability to perfectly accept sharpening and maximum corrosion resistance in the 440 steel line. The shape of the clip blade is an optimal balance between the cutting and sewing properties of the knife. Sharpening without sharpening, located on the bevel of the stock, strengthens the tip and facilitates the penetration of the blade into the cutting material with a penetrating action of the knife. Trim: Slightly concave from the center of the blade. The frame lock is responsible for fixing the blade in the open position, which is simple in design and resistant to dirt. Since the E-25 is a "flipper", the knife blade can be opened with a double-sided pin, which is very convenient for left-handed people, or by pressing the "dorsal" fin of the blade, after this action with a brush wave. The handle of the knife, despite its simple shape, has an excellent grip. A cord hole is provided at the end of the handle. For concealed use, the knife is equipped with a clip for one position. I would like to note one more pleasant and design feature of the handle – holding the knife in the palm of your hand, the fingertips clearly lie on the birch sheath located in front of the handle, which will undoubtedly make using the knife at the station more pleasant in the cold.

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Folding knife 195 mm E-25

SKU: E-25
261 грн.