Folding knife 195 mm 6239 AN

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  • Материал : Сталь 440C
  • Бренд : Grand Way
  • Страна производитель : Китай
  • Общая длина, см : 19.5

Stylish all-metal knife for a wide range of tasks. The blade of this knife is made of 440c steel – a modern stainless high-carbon steel. 440C is characterized by high wear resistance and hardness due to its high carbon content and alloying with molybdenum and vanadium. Lock for knives, already classic (Liner Lock). The lock allows you to fold the knife with one hand and is not afraid of dirt. The handle is made of steel inserts with aircraft-grade aluminum overlays. The thoughtful shape of the handle is complemented by a corrugated surface with non-slip anodizing, so the knife literally sticks to the hand, and thanks to a special ledge on the blade, it is convenient to open it with one hand. The special coating on the blade, in accordance with the lining, not only looks great and is easy to clean, but also protects the blade from aggressive environments. The blade of the knife has a classic blade shape with concave slopes and a notch in the butt under the thumb. For comfortable and constant transportation, the knife is equipped with a clip. The knife is small, compact and at the same time quite large and practical.

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Folding knife 195 mm 6239 AN

SKU: 6239 AN
297 грн.