Clumsy knife 2101K

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Clumsy knife 2101K – such knives are often used in the kitchens of apartments, cafes and restaurants. Abroad, they are called knives with a fixed blade, in the knife language – "fixed". The blade of the 2101K knife is made of 440C steel – a fairly hard steel, the knives of which cut perfectly and do not dull for a long time. The knife is equipped with a blade with a bottom line of the piston, which cuts well and has good penetrating power. Thanks to the rounded blade, which increases the length of the cutting edge, these knives have excellent cutting properties. The oval handle is made of exotic woods with plastic inserts. To prevent breakage and damage, the handle is protected by a brass escutcheon and a durable handle. This is a knife you can safely rely on in both urban and rural environments. Due to the versatility of the blade, you can easily use this knife for almost all types of knife work.

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Clumsy knife 2101K

SKU: 2101К
822 грн.