Clumsy knife 230 mm 2535 ACWP

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  • Brand : Grand Way
  • Материал : Сталь 8CR13MOV
  • Материал рукоятки : Дерево
  • Общая длина, см : 23

Clumsy knife with a blade made of steel 8Cr13MoV. The knife is equipped with a rather powerful, in terms of thickness, blade of the “Drop Point” type with a lowering of the butt line. The tip is located almost on the axis of application of force during the injection; such a blade cuts and stabs equally well. The blade has a false blade on the butt, formed by slopes without sharpening. The false blade helps the blade to enter the material being cut when pricked, and also improves the transverse rigidity of the blade. The all-metal construction gives the knife phenomenal strength. The presence of bolsters, in addition to the aesthetic component, will help the blade redistribute bending loads and protect the wooden handle. The balanced composition of 8Cr13MoV steel ensures long blade life without sharpening, good rust resistance and high strength. The handle of the knife has an oval section and is formed by overlays of dark rosewood. The wood has undergone a special treatment, resistant to moisture, decay and pests. The handle has a hole for a lanyard. The presence of a lanyard (rope or belt loop) in knives with a handle without a limiter will protect the fingers from slipping onto the blade blade. In addition, the lanyard allows you to free your fingers to perform any work without releasing the knife from your hand. The knife is supplied with a belt sheath made of high-quality genuine leather of the highest grade.

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Clumsy knife 230 mm 2535 ACWP

SKU: 2535 ACWP
945 грн.