Clumsy knife 260 mm 2462 UBQ

Артикул: 2462 UBQ
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  • Материал : Сталь 440C
  • Бренд : Grand Way
  • Общая длина, см : 26
  • Материал рукоятки : Резина

A versatile knife that can withstand heavy loads even in extreme situations. Strength is provided by through-mounting, in which the wide blade shank passes completely through the handle and takes on the load. Such a knife will become an indispensable assistant to a tourist during outdoor activities, as well as to the military, police. The 2462 UBQ knife is very often used by professional military or police officers to cut cables and belts in dangerous situations or to open windows, and it can also be cut, planed, dig the thickness of the blade allows it. For the production of the blade, steel 440 C was used, which combines increased strength and ductility. It has high hardness (58-59 HRC) and is also impact resistant. Also worth noting is the original and durable Stonewash coating (stonewash), which increases the level of protection against aggressive environmental influences, and also provides a stylish appearance. Stonewash (stonewash) is a modern protective and decorative metal treatment that serves to give a non-uniform, matte surface to a knife blade. The advantage of this coating is that fingerprints do not remain on the blade, scratches that occur during the operation of the knife will not be noticeable. On such a blade, traces of inaccurate sharpening are not visible. This coating is anti-reflective, it does not reflect the rays of the sun and the knife will not give a response of light in the dark even if it is hit by a direct beam. Very comfortable handle, which is made of structural rubber, which makes a comfortable grip and does not slip in the hand. The knife comes with a cordura sheath. A good gift for a hunter, a lover of active tourism or just a practical gift for a friend or colleague.

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Clumsy knife 260 mm 2462 UBQ

SKU: 2462 UBQ
660 грн.