Clumsy knife 265 mm 2432 ACW

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  • Brand : Гранд Презент
  • Материал : Сталь 440C
  • Общая длина, см : 26.5

The clumsy knife has a rather assertive, aggressive appearance, which it owes, first of all, to its blade. It is the shape and design of the blade that plays the first violin in the ensemble of the formation of the external image of this knife. The blade in its form is a pure “Spear Point” (spear-shaped) with a curved butt line and a false blade up to half of the butt. The 2.5 mm thick blade has fairly good transverse stiffness, due to the false blade mentioned above and the central fuller, made just above the middle of the blade. The material of the knife blade is 440C steel, a knife material that has been tested for decades, the main advantages of which are hardness, wear resistance of the cutting edge, and high corrosion resistance. The cutting edge of the blade is formed by concave descents from the middle of the blade. Often, knives with this blade shape have a greater penetrating power than cutting power, but in this case, due to the small thickness of the blade and long slopes, the knife has very good cutting properties. The knife is made using a through-mounting scheme. The handle of the knife is made of dark rosewood and is protected by a steel bolster and the same pommel to avoid destruction. The bolster protrudes beyond the handle, forming very comfortable stops for the hand while working with a knife. The wood of the handle is impregnated with agents that exclude the harmful effects of moisture and pests. All the advantages of such a handle will be revealed in winter – a tree can be comfortably held in your hand even in the cold. The knife comes with a cordura nylon belt sheath.

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Clumsy knife 265 mm 2432 ACW

SKU: 2432 ACW
652 грн.