Fadeless Color Icon i-62 20*30

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  • Материал : Янтарь
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 20-30

The value of this image is great for Orthodox believers. The Holy Mother of God holds her sacred Son on one side, and on the other side a snow-white lily. This is a lily, which is a symbol of virginity and the integrity of what is called the bride of the bride. The face of the heavenly queen is depicted as soft and affectionate, and it seems that just by looking at her image, it is possible to relieve pain and anxiety. Icon of the Mother of God "Fadeless Color" – 1 of the most plausible images, which exudes tenderness and joy. Turning to the Virgin Mary in an amazing way promotes mutual understanding between relatives, helps to solve domestic problems that wives face, and helps maintain amorous relationships. In principle, this image of the Holy Communion is considered feminine, any believer can pray in front of her.

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10 месяцев назад

Мнe подсказали, что такую икону надо имeть в домe тeм, у кого подрастают дочки, поэтому заказала в подарок для кумы. Уже получила посылку, икона очень красивая, даже не представляла что мне настолько понравится

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Fadeless Color Icon i-62 20*30

SKU: 20*30
1 580 грн.