Wine set for 8 glasses-Biplane SS09191

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  • Материал : МДФ
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 48*18*37
  • Страна производитель : Китай
  • Цвет : Коричневый

The name of this set for wine was not chosen by chance: a biplane is an airplane with two wings located one above the other. And although there are three stands in the design, but not the base, namely the upper two strips are reminiscent of the romantic wings of a biplane. A flight of fancy after purchasing such a mini bar is really guaranteed to you!

Purchase Benefits:

  • 7 wine glasses;
  • practical and reliable corkscrew;
  • additional lower shelf, which you can fill at your discretion.

Do you want to wholesale mini bars ? No problem, the site has a contact number for the bulk purchasing department, where you can inquire about how to place a large order. The quantity of the same product in the package is indicated in the description.

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Wine set for 8 glasses-Biplane SS09191

SKU: SS09191
1 112 грн.