Set of 3 textile boxes GM09-J6033SML

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  • Материал : Текстиль
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 23*16*8.5

In our time, the box has already become a fairly common and necessary household item for any girl. Caskets have long been the object of queens and queens from the richest families, and in those days they kept expensive jewelry and precious letters. The progenitors of jewelry boxes were ladies' chests, in which women kept valuable personal items and outfits. As time passed, the number of precious items decreased, and clothing became a household item that did not require special chests. Therefore, huge chests remained in the past and their place began to be occupied by smaller and more elegant caskets.

Parameters of the presented set of caskets:

  • Includes 3 textile boxes.
  • Provence style.
  • All have the same Eiffel Tower print.
  • Material natural wood.
  • Sheathed with linen in the style of "Provence".
  • Cover on a textile loop.
  • Size – 23*16*8.5 cm.

Now manufacturers present a huge selection of boxes for every taste and color, the choice is yours. You can use it to store everything that fits in it. Stylish and modern mini-casket is an essential element of a handbag or table.

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1 год назад

Очень хороший набор, я уже заказывала у вас подушку такого же дизайна, так что у меня уже небольшая коллекция. Жду новинок !

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Set of 3 textile boxes GM09-J6033SML

SKU: GM09-J6033SML
805 грн.