Скарбничка Українська хата – Петриківка гіпс КГ608-1

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  • Brand : Гранд Презент
  • Size, cm : 17*23*17
  • Материал : Гипс
  • Страна производитель : Украина
  • Цвет : Голубой

Piggy bank Ukrainian hut – Petrikovka gypsum. An original and very beautiful gift for all occasions. The inscription on the house "House of villainy, kokhannya, quiet, happiness, prosperity!" The individual order of color and inscriptions from 10 pieces of one model is possible.

The diameter of the hole at the bottom of the piggy bank is 2.5 cm.

PAY ATTENTION to the quality of the piggy banks: our piggy banks are original using author's high-quality forms. The gypsum casting process is carried out manually in two stages, which makes the product more durable (thick-walled) and prevents cracks. The main feature is the presence of a plastic plug at the bottom of the piggy bank for easy withdrawal of money, which in turn will extend the service life of the product (no need to break the piggy bank).

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1 год назад

Хатинка просто дивовижна, дуже всім сподобалася. Щиро дякуємо за такий гарний асортимeнт, завжди щось у Вас знаходимо.

10 месяцев назад

Навіть нe сподівалася, що отримаю такe задоволeння від покупки. Копілка дужe класна !Молодці виробники, дужe гарний товар.

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