Compass TSC-4090

Артикул: TSC - 4090
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  • Материал : Металлический сплав
  • Бренд : Grand Way
  • Страна производитель : Китай
  • Высота колбы, мм : 10
  • Диаметр колбы, мм : 60

This is a find for tourists. It has many significant benefits. Namely: – the smooth movement of the pointer is provided by the liquid filling it; – on the upper glass of the compass of the orienting arrow, which can be directed along the azimuth of the point of arrival, leaving on the desired route. There is also a limb that rotates 360 degrees; – on the arrow and the ring around the markings applied fluorescent, for visibility in the dark; – liquid level horizontal; – millimeter and inch rulers are applied to the case; – magnifying lens; – there is a signal mirror, a whistle, a fishing hook. Located on the bottom wall of the case; – Equipped with a lace to prevent accidental falling out of hand. The kit includes a cover made of paid protective fabric.

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Compass TSC-4090

SKU: TSC - 4090
910 грн.