Compass TSC-12

Артикул: TSC - 12
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  • Материал : Пластик
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Страна производитель : Китай
  • Диаметр колбы, мм : 35

A light, compact compass keychain that will become the right companion not only for guests of the country, but also for everyone who needs orientation in field factors. He has a lot of pluses: 1 – inexpensive cost; secondly, its compact dimensions; thirdly, the small weight of the model; in 4 – the presence of a thermometer on the compass; in 5 – there is a ring for wearing a compass to use it as a keychain. The color is black, the case material is plastic, the scale graduation is 1, 6, the bulb diameter is 35mm. It is a very useful accessory for hunting and fishing, which is useful in orienteering competitions. This is a great educational toy for every child. With a pocket key chain, you will never get lost. After all, he will always be on a bunch of keys. Now you always know which direction to choose. Great gift for a traveler. A stylish accessory for a travel lover.

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Compass TSC-12

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