Souvenir dagger Aristocrat 34 cm HK-2011 Gold

Артикул: HK-2011 Gold
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  • Материал : Сталь 20
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 34
  • Твердость стали : 20 HRC

Souvenir dagger Aristocrat 34cm HK-2011 Souvenir weapon is a reliable, elegant and beautiful gift. What to give a successful person who has everything? What to present to an enthusiastic collector, an avid hunter or fisherman? Or a person interested in history? A souvenir dagger is not only an elite gift worthy of becoming a part of the interior of a house or office, it is a symbol that has absorbed all the best character traits of its owner. Souvenir dagger Sheath size: 37 cm Dagger size: 34 cm Handle size: 13 cm Dagger blade material: Steel 20 Dagger steel hardness: 20 HRC

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Souvenir dagger Aristocrat 34 cm HK-2011 Gold

SKU: HK-2011 Gold
889 грн.