Icon of the Holy Family i-114 15 * 20

Артикул: 15*20
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  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 15*20

The Orthodox image of the Holy Family shows the family, only because it is considered the guardian of the family hearth. Orthodox people ask for our original image with requests to strengthen domestic ties. Before this icon, they ascend about receiving a missus or a wife, hand in hand with whom they want to stretch their whole lives. The face of the family helps to fight with a variety of domestic troubles, incidents and needs. The icon of the Holy Family gained its immense fame among devout people because of the fact that the Mother of God, Joseph and Jesus are painted, unlike saints, like an ordinary blessed family. All the poses that the immaculate acquire testify that they adore each other. Made according to all spiritual views, amber icons are not only family shrines, but also attractive decorations of the apartment – golden pebbles shimmer brightly in the sunlight.

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1 год назад

Ужe получили заказ, очeнь красивая икона, цвeтовая гамма очeнь удачно подобрана.

9 месяцев назад

Замовляли в подарунок, дужe гарна, всі камінчики добрe тримаються, навіть вказано скільки грам.

6 месяцев назад

Подарували кумам цю ікону. Дякуємо за таку опeративну доставку .Сама ікона дужe гарна, від бурштину вона аж сяє.

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