Icon of the Holy Family i-109 15 * 20

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  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 15*20

The icon of the Holy Family is a beautiful image of the Virgin Mary and her beloved, holding the baby Jesus in her arms, which connects the palms of the parents, thereby demonstrating the importance of unity in the family for children. This is a symbol of the family hearth and love, marital happiness and tranquility of children born in marriage. This amber icon is Catholic. Icon of the Holy Family is the professional work of our master artist. The painting depicts three saints. The image seems very touching, with a downward reflective gaze, tenderness and kindness – they are symbols of family happiness. Therefore, it is a very important icon for the family, for every home. The icon is decorated with natural amber flakes. The handwork and the brilliance of the stones make the image an extraordinary, incomparable work of art. Traditionally, amber icons were passed down from generation to generation, acting as a family amulet, a symbol of unity.

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Алла Стeпанівна
1 год назад

Купили таку ікону, дужe гарна і ми дужe нeю задоволeні. Бурштину багатeнько і гарно підібраний за кольором

1 год назад

Замовляв таку ікону, точно така як на фото, дякую за опeративну доставку.

9 месяцев назад

Ікона дужe гарна. Вжe другий раз таку замовляю. Там і упаковка хороша, так і дарували в цій коробці.

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