Icon of Kazan in a wooden frame 2042

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  • Brand : Гранд Презент
  • Size, cm : 16*17
  • Материал : Серебро 999
  • Страна производитель : Италия

The Lady of Kazan is a miraculous face, an image that appeared to people in an amazing manner. A small Matrona personally unearthed an amazing icon of the Mother of God in the conflagration of his house. The image immediately showed its healing properties, it was placed in the temple and very soon received pilgrims, striving for gratitude to see from all over the greater Russia. Despite the fact that the robber was found, it was not possible to find the icon and the vestments. According to one version, the criminal burned the icon in the oven, according to another, it was together with the sales salary. Each of the two must add to this the fact that the icon was scratched and consecrated in the days, sometimes Russia imagined itself to be the successor of the Third Rome, the dwelling of the Queen of Heaven, and this deed gives the ancient icons a special spiritual strength. Dimensions 16*17cm. Made from 999 sterling silver.

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Icon of Kazan in a wooden frame 2042

SKU: 2042
1 084 грн.