Jesus Christ i-04 Lord Almighty 30*40

Артикул: 30*40
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  • Материал : Янтарь
  • Бренд : Гранд Презент
  • Размер, см : 30*40

Today, the image of Jesus Christ remains the most necessary and popular. With what this is firmly connected is not exactly known. Either people are eager to speak directly to the forefather for help, or they idolize before his torments, which he suffered for our sins. If you are already interested in Orthodox icons, then give preference to handicrafts, such as amber icons. For their implementation, the creator uses pebbles of different configurations and sizes, which makes it possible to create a large “living” picture, each of which is unique, unified and unique in its own way. Each baptized will be able to meet with problems, difficulties, illnesses. Only in such moments is it worth asking for the image of Jesus Christ. Real prayer, addressed to the Savior, gives comfort, support, conviction and protection, orients to meet the right decision. The house in which the amber shrine is located is protected from evil forces and envious people – love, coherence and peace will always rule in it.

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Jesus Christ i-04 Lord Almighty 30*40

SKU: 30*40
2 282 грн.