Трубка "Казка" Пантера 11068S10

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  • Brand : Гранд Презент
  • Материал : Дерево
  • Страна производитель : Украина

The tube is an ideal canvas for creating sculptures and patterns. Many craftsmen, developing the design of a smoking pipe, put all kinds of mythical creatures on the bowl, and someone is looking for unity with wild animals depicting animals. Nimble, bold and fearless panther, frozen in the pose of a hunter – such an image is depicted on the bowl of this pipe. By the way, the bowl itself is made of natural fruit wood, which makes the smoking process as pleasant as possible. With an acrylic mouthpiece, you will be able to experience the full range of flavors and feel every hint of aromatic and lazy smoke from your favorite tobacco. Due to its physical properties, the mouthpiece does not burn the lips and can even cool the smoke a little. Length 145 mm. Bowl height 60 mm. The outer diameter of the bowl is 35 mm. The inner diameter of the bowl is 18 mm. Filter – 9 mm or built-in filter-cooler. Material – wood (pear). By the way, for real tobacco lovers there is a pipe, because this is one of the first and least harmful ways to smoke tobacco. Our site has a great variety of different tube models. A great gift for a chic and interesting man. The principle is quite simple – first comes the bowl with the tobacco chamber, where the tobacco is poured. During smoking, the smoke passes through a special smoke channel and directly into the mouthpiece.

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