The Grand Present company offers favorable terms of cooperation for buyers in the field of wholesale purchases of gifts and souvenirs. If you are just starting to work in this field, contact our consultants and they will help you choose the most relevant and trending positions. If you are our partner, then we will please you with seasonal promotions and an expanding range of quality products.


Terms of cooperation

If we talk about "small wholesale" – the minimum order should be from UAH 10,000 (based on the basic wholesale prices ), this is the minimum wholesale purchase for one address. If you are ordering for multiple recipients or less than the minimum wholesale purchase, then you need to focus on the "dropship price". Read more about dropshipping here .

If you are interested in "large wholesale", then contact our managers, they will give you a personal discount. We have an individual approach to each client.

In order to become our partner and have the opportunity to buy goods at the base price, you need to submit an application on the website . Once your account is activated, you can make purchases through your cart, by phone, or by email.

What are the advantages of cooperation with the Grand Present company?

– the minimum order amount is available from UAH 10,000; – cooperation under the terms of Dropshipping; – daily shipments by any postal courier. – fixed prices in hryvnia; – discounts of up to 10% from wholesale prices; – Special promotional offers; – a wide assortment, more than 3000 items; – goods from the manufacturer; – Renewing the range every month.

In addition to regular promotions, we please our customers with additional discounts on certain product categories, depending on the amount of the order. Check the terms of discounts with the managers!

Order amount – discount percentage:

UAH 12,000 – 2% UAH 15,000 – 3% UAH 20,000 – 4% UAH 25,000 – 5% UAH 30,000 – 6% UAH 40,000 – 7% UAH 50,000 – 8% UAH 80,000 – 9% UAH 100,000 UAH – 10%

Product categories to which this discount applies:

Please note that discounts are not cumulative. A deep discount will be applied during order processing. Pay special attention to the fact that additional discounts do not work for all products on the site, so check the specific amount of the discount with our managers!

Conclusion of the contract with the Grand Present company

It is necessary to conclude a contract. For individual entrepreneurs: – certificate of registration of SPD; – a certificate of registration for tax registration; – Certificate from the bank about opening an account; – a copy of the entrepreneur's passport; – full name (legal and actual address, store/warehouse address, bank details, contact phone number and email address). For legal entities: – certificate of registration of a legal entity; – a certificate of registration for tax registration; – Certificate from the bank about opening an account; – a copy of the charter: title page, last page, page about the founders, page about the director's appointment and term of office; – full name (legal and actual address, store/warehouse address, bank details, name and contact details of the chief accountant, contact phone number and e-mail address); – a sample of the manager's signature and a copy of the company's printout.

Registration on the website

On the site page, click the "Login for wholesale customers" button on the top right.


We get to the login page to the personal account . If you do not have an account on the site yet, click the "Registration" link in the form.

login form

We get to the wholesale customer registration page .

Mandatory fields for filling are highlighted here in a separate block, they must be filled. If the e-mail you entered is not suitable, check it again, perhaps there is already an account with such an e-mail in the database (if this is your account, you can ask the manager to reset the password), or enter another e-mail address.

If the fields are not filled, you will see a hint in red under the specific field. Follow these tips to enter your registration information correctly.

IMPORTANTLY! For those who trade via the Internet (online stores, pages in social networks, trading platforms, etc.), in the "STORE / COMPANY ADDRESS" field, you must specify the url address of your online store (that is, where you trade).

registration form

After successful registration, you will receive the message "Congratulations! You have successfully registered on the website", as well as relevant messages to the e-mail address specified during registration.

PAY ATTENTION! Your account will work only after it has been verified and activated by the manager. You will not be able to enter the account if the record is not activated. When you try, you get the following message that "You are not a wholesale buyer".

message entry form

So you need to wait for some time. After activating your account, a message with detailed terms of cooperation will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration. You will be able to enter the site, see wholesale prices and place orders!