To feel good throughout the day, you need to sleep well. Healthy sleep, as they say, is the key to success. And since our sleep is directly affected by what we lie on and what we cover ourselves with, therefore, for our loved ones (and our loved ones, of course), we should choose only high-quality textiles. How best to do this among the "endless sea" of various proposals will be discussed below.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a material?

First, the material must be "breathable", i.e. pass air normally. Since a person sweats during sleep, the fabric must absorb and remove this moisture. You can find this information on the packaging. A quality manufacturer, in addition to making a normal package, will indicate all the necessary information on it. Second, evaluate the strength of the thread and the density of the fabric (that is, the number of threads per square centimeter, optimally – this is 60 threads per 1 cm2). Since the linen is often washed, with a low density of the fabric, it may disperse at the seams or “holes” will appear. In this case, you should always try the material by touch. Everything is simple here – the denser the better. You also need to look at the linen seams, they should be double with the edges hidden inside, and their shade should match the main color. And one more thing in this paragraph, a trusted manufacturer makes bedding from a whole piece of fabric, no seams in the center! The third is the smell and dyes. A good material smells like textiles, not paint or some kind of chemistry, and the color itself is resistant to mechanical stress. But if we can still “smell” a set of linen, then how to check the durability of the paint? Very simply, vigorously rub the front side, while there should be no color streaks on the material, and even more so on your hands! And finally, pay attention to the packaging of the goods. As mentioned earlier, a good manufacturer tries to make it reliable and provide all the necessary information about the composition, size and basic recommendations.

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satin bed linen
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satin bedding set

Composition and type of fabric

Depending on the composition, natural and synthetic raw materials are distinguished. Natural fabrics: Cotton is an inexpensive material, pleasant to the touch, very durable and easy to care for. Often bed linen is made from it. The main types of cotton fabrics are:

  • Satin is a modern, beautiful, light and dense fabric, pleasant to the touch, somewhat reminiscent of silk. Satin linen is wear-resistant (withstands from 200 to 300 washes), breathes well and absorbs moisture. Satin has a silky sheen, almost does not wrinkle, after washing it can not be ironed, it does not shed when washed.
  • Batiste is light, smooth, airy, delicate and thin, pleasant to the touch, but not wear-resistant (from 50 to 70 washes), but the price is expensive. This material is used for kits that are used for a relatively short time (example for newborns).
  • Chintz is light, the cheapest, and therefore widely used, but short-lived: it fades and quickly “wipes off”.
  • Coarse calico is a fairly dense material, inexpensive and easy to care for. It is denser than cambric or chintz, does not lose its brightness after washing. Bedding sets from it are the "golden mean" of price and quality.

Linen is a classic natural material, durable and hygienic, but wrinkled and hard to iron. Silk is a durable, lightweight, soft fabric with a delicate texture and natural luster, is the most expensive material and requires careful care. Satin is a fabric with a shiny smooth structure, a cheaper analogue of silk. Synthetic fabrics , they are often cheaper than coarse calico and thus attract the buyer at a low price. But be careful that a really high-quality material (for example, microfiber) should be a little more expensive. Synthetic include: Polyester – wear-resistant, durable material, but poorly "breathes" and "electrifies". Microfiber is considered a popular type of polyester fabric – the unique structure of the microfibers of the material makes it performance close to cotton. Soft and pleasant to the touch material, absorbs moisture well, dries quickly, does not shed. You can view microfiber bedding sets (microvelour) in our catalog. Bamboo fabric is a soft and shiny material that resembles silk in its properties. It is made from natural raw materials, but during the manufacturing process it is subjected to chemical treatment.

bed linen euro set
bed linen microvelours
micro velor bedding
micro velor bedding set

Kit sizes

After choosing bed linen, it goes without saying that the size of the set will be determined. It should be noted that the sheet should be wider than the mattress (about 70 cm, so that it can just “dangle”), and the duvet cover should be larger than the blanket (about 5 cm, so that the blanket “does not crumple” inside the duvet cover). It should also be noted that there are sheets with an elastic band. They are convenient because they do not curl on the mattress and do not slip when you sleep (especially suitable for children). The main sizes of the sets are: one and a half (1 duvet cover, 1 sheet, two or four pillowcases), double (1 duvet cover, 1 sheet, two or four pillowcases), family (two duvet covers, 1 sheet, two or four pillowcases), double euro ( 1 duvet cover, 1 sheet, two to four pillowcases), children (1 duvet cover, 1 pillowcase).

Basic rules for laundry care

A good manufacturer should indicate recommendations for the care of bed linen. Pay attention to this! For each type of fabric, they may differ. We will list the basic rules, following which you can extend the lines of textile service:

  1. Wash before first use.
  2. Use washing powders for colored items (this applies to colored laundry).
  3. Wash in a machine without soaking at 40C, or hand wash.
  4. Do not use bleach.
  5. Iron only if the manufacturer advises and at the temperature indicated on the package.
  6. Do not dry clean.

Now you know the basic nuances when choosing bed linen and you can safely go shopping. The Grand Present company provides you with a wide range of high-quality home textiles at affordable prices.