shabby-chic-inteior-kitchen Interior in shabby chic style, the main difference of which from other styles are delicate pastel shades, but with bright accents, linen and cotton with vintage print, chintz, worn furniture, decoupage and many floral prints. In general, this style will not leave anyone indifferent. It warms the eye with cute little things and pleasant shades. The term "shabby chic" was first introduced by the American magazine "World of interiors" in 1980. There is no literal translation in Russian and we use the phrase "shabby chic" which can be translated as "shabby elegance". If we talk about the historical origin of this sophisticated style, then the roots should be sought in England. Of course, who but the British are the owners of spacious country houses with cozy interiors. These are houses in which there are sofas in calico upholstery, exquisite old paintings hang on the walls, and roses are fragrant in the garden halfway through. Over time, elements of French chateaus, Mediterranean houses of Greece and Tuscan villas were added to these elements of a measured country life in the English style. The mixture of these styles gave us shabby chic. Very important when creating a "shabby chic" interior is to achieve an atmosphere – relaxed and a little casual. It can be achieved with the help of exhaust furniture or simply artificially aged. Also, do not forget natural pastel-colored fabrics and a variety of small cute gizmos. But the most important thing is flowers – live, artificial and simply floral prints. Shabby chic is a huge field for your creativity and inspiration. There are no canons here, so you can safely mix eras, styles, textures to achieve this unimaginable romantic atmosphere. She also breathes life into old things, praising all their cracks and scuffs. The shabby chic style is very romantic, here you can actively use cute lace pillows, porcelain with a floral print, plaster figurines (angels, birds) and wooden boxes. And it would seem that the interior with such a variety would look overloaded, but no, in spite of everything, there is a lot of light and lightness in such a house. Some designers have even mastered the art of pairing modern pieces like chrome gadgets with vintage accents like worn wooden shelves or drawers. And at the same time, the design looks quite harmonious.

How to make a shabby chic interior?

shabby-chic-inteior – pastel colors in the interior (preference for white, soft pink, mint colors) – worn effect on furniture, interior items – vintage paintings, photographs – natural fabrics (linen, cotton, chintz) – floral prints (preference for roses) – accessories (caskets, figurines)