1. Wall clock electronic-mechanical quartz class B, with a central second hand, with a stepper motor, designed to show the current time. 2. Power supply – class AA element (R6). 3. The term of energy autonomy – at least 12 months. 4. Daily clock rate at an ambient temperature of 23 ± 5 °C, relative humidity from 30 to 80% in the power supply voltage range of 1.5 ± 0.1 V – within ± 1 s / day. 5. Full average watch life is 12 years.


1. To start the watch, remove the cover on the back of the watch case and take out the insulating gasket located between the battery and the mechanism terminal. When supplying or replacing the battery separately, install the battery in the socket provided for it, observing the polarity indicated by the marking of the socket. 2. It is recommended to set the clock to the current time using the exact time signals transmitted by radio. Shortly before the transmission of the exact time signals at the moment the second hand passes the 12-hour division of the scale, insert an insulating gasket between the battery and the terminal of the movement, thereby stopping the clock. Turn the arrow button to set the hour and minute hands to the signal time.


If you have purchased a barometer, we kindly ask you to observe the following rules when using it: The barometer can only work normally in geographical areas located no higher than 500 meters above sea level. ATTENTION! It is strictly forbidden to transport the barometer by air. Do not hang the barometer near radiators or other heating elements, or on panels exposed to the sun. Do not subject the barometer to impacts, shocks, or sudden shocks. If you suspect that the barometer is malfunctioning, do not try to repair it yourself. Remember that atmospheric pressure may not change for a long time or change very little, do not make premature conclusions about the unsuitability of the barometer. So, if atmospheric pressure drops sharply and continuously, we should expect an increase in wind, precipitation, and in winter – an increase in temperature. With a long continuous increase in atmospheric pressure, one can expect long clear weather, in winter – stable cold weather. Each area is characterized by its own average atmospheric pressure, the deviation from which in one direction or another most often characterizes the tendency to change the weather. If you are unhappy with the difference between your barometer and your local weather station, you can adjust the barometer with a painted screw that is accessible through a hole in the back of the barometer. Under the barometer adjustment is done with a screwdriver. A significant deviation of the ambient temperature from normal will change the readings of the barometer: with an increase in temperature, the readings will decrease, with a decrease in temperature, they will increase. In case of violation of the operating rules specified in this passport, the manufacturer does not accept claims and restores the barometer at the expense of the consumer.