Buying globe bars as a gift for a friend or for yourself is a great idea, because it is an original and useful accessory. It will come in handy as13851fans of alcoholic beverages, and people who want to diversify their interior. Globe bars come in a variety of styles and therefore look very impressive in any interior.

Such bars are very functional and are containers with internal compartments for wine glasses and glasses, and most importantly, a place for bottles. Closing the globe bars , we will see on it the outlines of countries, continents and seas. On the surface, maps of the Middle Ages are most often depicted, which adds sophistication to the interior. There are two types of globe bars: floor-standing, which usually have wheels for convenience, and desktop ones. Desktop is a compact and convenient option for globe bars that can be a stylish gift not only for a friend, but also for your boss or colleague. A feature of the floor globe bar are long legs on wheels, which serve as the basis for the entire structure. Sometimes there are outdoor globe bars with tables, which is extremely convenient for a small buffet in your home. You can also use it as a serving table. Also, often a special shelf is provided at the bottom of the structure for storing additional bottles and glasses. Globes vary in size. For example, models of globe bars that have a ball diameter of 60 cm can store approximately 20 small bottles inside. The desktop design has one low leg, which is a stand. They are characterized by a small sphere diameter. For example, a globe bar with a diameter of 33 cm. It can hold 2 small bottles and 6 glasses, and already in a model with a diameter of 40, 3 bottles with 6-9 glasses can fit. Buying globe bars of the desktop version is a solution to the problem of lack of space. In addition, the price of such a model is much lower. But the floor bar-globe is more functional due to which its price rises. In any case, whether you decide to buy a floor or table globe bar, a gift of this kind will always be appreciated even by the most prejudiced person. After all, globe bars are an accessory that is distinguished by its sophistication and functionality.