Drop shipping – what is it?

Dropshipping or dropshipping is a type of cooperation between a supplier (in this case, us, the Grand Present store), a seller (you) and a buyer (your client). The essence of this type of cooperation is that we send your customer an order directly from our warehouse at your request. You buy goods from us at the “dropship price”, and sell with your own markup. You are the only one who has direct contact with the client.

Dropshipping cooperation options*:

  • Prepaid order: the buyer places an order on your site and pays for it to you. You transfer the order to us and pay for it at the “dropship price” (you keep the difference). We ship the goods to the specified address and give you the declaration number.
  • Cash on delivery order: you place an order on our website, indicate the delivery address of your buyer and the final amount. We send the goods cash on delivery, and after receiving the funds, we pay (at the beginning of the current month for the previous month according to completed orders) to you the difference between the final amount of the order and the “dropship purchase”.
* IMPORTANT! All mutual settlements are carried out at the beginning of the current month according to the act of reconciliation for all completed orders of the “dropshipper” for the previous month! These conditions are specified in more detail in the cooperation agreement.
In connection with the introduction of total fiscalization of entrepreneurs from 01/01/2022, the conditions for working with dropshipping will change. Specify the conditions for sending orders and receiving funds from customers with managers!

What is the difference between wholesale and dropshipping?

With dropshipping, an order is placed from one unit of goods and at the request of the buyer, i.e. when necessary. And small wholesale is the purchase of goods for a certain amount with its subsequent placement in your warehouse, store, etc.

If you want to purchase goods at wholesale prices, or you are interested in additional discounts, then the cooperation option “small wholesale” or “large wholesale” is possible, respectively.

Dropshipping applications are accepted through the website (basket) or via e-mail present.opt@gmail.com In the letter you need to specify: dropshipping order from full name (name of your store), delivery method, recipient city, warehouse number, full name and phone number of the recipient, the final amount of the order (if payment is made by cash on delivery).

Please note that shipping costs are the responsibility of you or your buyer.

What is the minimum order for cooperation?

The first minimum order must be from 7000 UAH. Subsequent orders are accepted from 1 unit. There are no restrictions on the number of goods.

What are the terms of dropshipping?

For cooperation on dropshipping, you must:

  1. Register on the Grand Present website, leave a request on the page ( be sure to indicate the name of your store and its address, as well as the sites and online stores where the goods will be placed ). After activating your account by our manager, you can make purchases through the basket, by phone, or via e-mail. By logging into your personal account, you can see the current wholesale prices and the “dropship price”.
  2. Adhere to the established RRP (recommended retail price for each product). Those. you can sell above the RRP, but not below. If the seller lowers prices, managers will block his account, and cooperation will be terminated.
  3. You can always request a price list with current prices and availability of goods, as well as a RRP table from the manager.
  4. We do not provide ready-made texts for product descriptions. You can refer to the product descriptions posted on the Grand Present website to write your own texts. Direct copying of information is prohibited.

Registration instructions on the Grand Present website (see the link at the bottom of the page).

Conclusion of an agreement with the Grand Present company

necessary for the conclusion of the contract. For individual entrepreneurs: – SPD registration certificate; – certificate of tax registration; – certificate from the bank on opening an account; – a copy of the entrepreneur’s passport; – full name (legal and actual address, shop/warehouse address, bank details, contact phone number and e-mail address). For legal entities: – certificate of registration of a legal entity; – certificate of tax registration; – certificate from the bank on opening an account; – a copy of the charter: title page, last page, page about the founders, page about the appointment and terms of office of the director; – full name (legal and actual address, store/warehouse address, bank details, full name and contacts of the chief accountant, contact phone number and e-mail address); – a sample signature of the head and a copy of the seal of the enterprise.