We all had to choose and give business gifts. Business gifts are an important means of maintaining personal relationships and social connections, so the choice of a formal gift should always be taken seriously. A business gift should be personal in nature, but not too personal. 2273 The choice of a business gift depends largely on the nature of your relationship with the person you are going to present it to. 8347 So, the head of the organization can be presented with a beautiful writing instrument, engraving, art album. Personal items – clothes, shirts, perfumes – can only be given to the closest people. Gifts that can be given to everyone are flowers, sweets in a beautiful box, books, stationery, glassware, crystal, silver, ceramics. A smoking person can be presented with a beautiful ashtray or an expensive lighter. For a foreign guest – domestic drinks, works of art of national crafts, an art album. Jewelry is given only on special occasions. The book, if it is chosen taking into account the tastes and interests of the person to whom it is intended, will take its rightful place in the house. Let's figure out what and how you can give business partners and work colleagues.

A few words about how to give and receive business gifts

It should be borne in mind that in many countries officials are prohibited from accepting expensive gifts that can be regarded as a type of hidden bribe. Business gift giving is an art that needs to be learned. The gift should be given as soon as you crossed the threshold of the house or office. It must not only be passed from hand to hand, but at the same time say a few kind words and wishes. If a business gift is given to you, in no case put it aside. The gift must be unwrapped in the presence of the giver, inspected and sincerely thanked. Even if you didn’t like the gift very much, it should be accepted with a smile and gratitude. Some items are not very appropriate as a gift due to superstition: any sharp objects (knives), mirrors, handkerchiefs. If, however, such a gift was brought to you, you can symbolically “redeem” it by giving a small coin for it.

Gifts for business partners, work colleagues and boss

Business gifts. How to make the right choice? In business practice, it is often necessary to give and receive gifts. This improves business ties, demonstrates a benevolent attitude, indicates a good relationship between colleagues at work. In modern business practice, it is customary to give gifts on occasion:

  • anniversary date in the employee's business life;
  • anniversary and other significant dates in the life of the company;
  • public holidays (Independence Day, etc.);
  • global holidays (New Year, Christmas, etc.);
  • personal holidays in the life of an employee (wedding, housewarming, childbirth);
  • business meeting with foreign partners (in this case, the representatives of the host country are the first to present gifts).

Gifts can do:

  • employee to employee;
  • colleagues – employee;
  • employees – to the head;
  • head – secretary;
  • firm – employee;
  • firm – firm.

In the business sphere, it is customary to use the following things as gifts:

  • notebooks;
  • diaries;
  • business calendars;
  • fountain pens;
  • sets of writing instruments;
  • key chains;
  • backgammon;
  • lighters;
  • leather wallets;
  • globe bars
  • women's silk scarves;
  • floor vases and ashtrays;
  • any other items that can be used in an official setting.

A book (gift edition) can be a perfectly acceptable gift, and it’s good if it is related to the interests of the employee to whom the gift is intended: books on hunting, fishing, books with reproductions of paintings by famous artists. A good gift for a woman is a box of expensive chocolates. For men, alcohol. You can find a wide selection of VIP gifts on our website. Your attention is offered such business gifts as:

  • Globe bars
  • Backgammon
  • Leather gifts
  • Office sets