kartini-syantarya What is useful amber in the house?

To create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home, to create a feeling of a joyful sunny morning, a picture from amber can always help you. And if at least one ray of the sun enters your window, then the whole room will immediately be filled with the gentle golden warmth of amber light. This soft warmth can be seen and felt. The most important thing is that the craftsmanship, the fine handiwork of a picture from amber can bring not only aesthetic pleasure to the owner.

Amber in the house actively contributes to the electrification of air ions in the air. And as you know, if there is a lack of air ions in the room, then this can cause such unpleasant diseases as: thrombohemorrhagic syndrome, which can lead to strokes, thrombosis, heart attacks and other vascular diseases that are associated with impaired blood coagulation processes.

The healing properties of amber have long been known, it promotes healing, life-giving. One of its most famous virtues is its ability to produce an impressive amount of negatively charged ions, which in turn pass through the upper respiratory tract and are carried throughout the body. This provides intracellular energy supply, which has a beneficial effect on the human body and actively helps to restore the activity of all organs, as well as the treatment of many diseases. According to the data of scientists in a special health-improving room, more than 6000 amber is usually formed in 1 cubic meter. cm per second of negatively charged ions. For example, in ordinary rooms this number is much less – up to 100-200 negative ions. Negatively charged ions stimulate various metabolic processes in the upper respiratory tract, trachea, bronchi, alveoli of the lungs, thereby helping to relieve spasms, improve blood circulation, eliminate various edema, inflammation, and can even have a direct bactericidal effect on microbes in the respiratory tract and lungs.

kartini-iz-yantarya-ohotniki Amber is a gift of nature, which is a natural bio-generator. It generates special biofields that protect us, because to a certain extent they disinfect the atmosphere of the home. This stone can be of unthinkable colors: either it is pure and transparent, like the color of honey, or it is softly white, like ivory. It gently shimmers with countless warm, delicate shades and this is what resembles the ocean with its numerous range of colors. In each of these shades, the soft color of gold lurks, which makes amber always seem incredibly sunny.

Amber products are an amazing gift of nature. Therefore, buying a picture from amber is a wonderful decision, because such a product created with love and good thought will not leave anyone indifferent. A picture made of amber will become not just a decoration, but also a good amulet for your home for many years to come.