Genuine leather is a valuable and noble material. The warmth of natural leather, its aroma and characteristic creak have won the hearts of a huge number of connoisseurs of beauty. Leather gives its owner a considerable share of status and individuality. Yes, genuine leather accessories are an element of luxury, but thanks to the Grand Present , it has become available to almost everyone. We have something to offer both men and women.

Genuine leather accessories will help you emphasize your individuality. For example, a miniature leather business card holder or leather passport cover in your purse or purse will be exactly the highlight that you have been missing for so long. Many products are decorated with artistic inserts, which does not affect the cost in any way, but greatly expands the range of your choice.

A cover for a driver 's license will be a great present for a person who spends time behind the wheel. A stylish keychain included in the kit will harmoniously complement the overall image of the owner.

Genuine leather accessories will help you emphasize your individuality. Every year you can’t figure out what to give your parents for their birthday? We offer you the perfect solution – a leather spectacle case. Let your parents know how much you love and appreciate them.

Without a doubt, things will go smoothly when you have a chic leather diary or document cover at hand. Please yourself or your business partner by giving him such an original gift.

In the manufacture of all our products, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. And quality, as we know, lies in the details. And even such cute little things as a leather purse or leather clips in an amazing way will help you express yourself and “rise above the crowd”. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of feeling the wings behind your back, which gives a feeling of luxury.

A case with a decanter or a flask will be a great gift for real men. It will additionally emphasize and complement the nobility of the drink. In addition, such an item will elevate you above the hustle and bustle and become a piquant addition to the interior of an office or living room.

Genuine leather accessories will help you emphasize your individuality. Each of our products is an expression of the contribution of time and painstaking work of the best craftsmen. All products are made by hand. They are not only stylish, but are distinguished by convenience, practicality and versatility. We understand that fashion comes and goes, so our collection offers only classics that will always be relevant. When purchasing a leather accessory, be sure that you will not be left without attention and you will catch the admiring glances of others more than once.

You can get acquainted with the range and buy accessories made of genuine leather in our catalog.